"Sometimes, we just don't give ourselves enough credit."
With exceptional customer experiences and reviews Credit Sharks is quickly becoming the gold standard when it comes to the credit industry. Started by Shaq Wiggins in 2017 Credit Sharks evolved from not just a credit repair company, but other other credit services like credit building, securing funding for clients, and educating clients on how to leverage their credit properly. In 2020 Credit Sharks launched their first credit office in Atlanta, GA and is quickly becoming a staple in the city. 

Shaq Wiggins


"Fixing credit was only suppose to be a side hustle. I never intended on creating a business that helped so many people."

A business that helped a lot of people was what Shaq created. At 23 Shaq took decided to take his credit worthiness serious and attempted to pay any "credit guru" that claimed they could fix his credit. Frustrated with little to no results  Shaq decided to empower himself and take his credit into his own hands and was able to go from poor credit to a few points shy of a 800. Word got around quickly and other people wanted Shaq to assist them with their credit as well and Credit Sharks was born. Continuously pushing the envelop and promoting Credit services through untraditional methods no other credit business did. Shaq is empowering people to use their credit for income producing assets instead of using it for personal use. Shaq has been featured in Fox, MSNBC, NBC, and more. What does the future hold for Credit Sharks and Shaq Wiggins? The possibilities are endless.