Credit Secrets "They" Didn't Want You To Know

Your credit score is not the most important thing lenders look at. We know, we know, sounds crazy to hear us say that but listen closely and I'm sure you'll understand why we said that.

Lenders only acknowledge your credit score as a minimum criteria to eliminate reviewing to many inquiries for their funding program. Lenders don't actually tell customer how they seek approvals or what criteria they use in order to give approvals because they know if that information got out then all we would have to do is the exact requirements to get approved. Your credit score is only one of many requirements lenders use to determine whether or not you qualify to be approved and its the least important of them all. The credit score is the least important because the score is made up of the things that matter and once you focus on the things that matter the score will automatically be where you need it to be for the minimum criteria. The most important element of your credit profile is the accounts that make up your credit.

Lenders love to see a mix of accounts on your credit profile that have age and high limits. A good account mix consist of different types of accounts like credit cards, car loans, mortgages, or personal loans. A good rule of thumb is 5 different accounts with decent age, payment history, and high limits.

Authorized user accounts give you the ability to add higher limits and history to your credit profile with ease since you're piggy backing off of somebody else's credit profile. If you're going to use authorized user accounts try to limit them to 40% of your account mix.

Establish a good mix of accounts that you are the primary owner of. Invest money into primary accounts so you can have higher limits and more available credit. This investment in yourself will lead you to getting approvals with high limits. Lenders love to piggyback off of other lenders. A great example of this is if Chase Bank is willing to lend this person $10,000, then Wells Fargo will be willing to give them $20,000. Then, when Citi bank sees you've been paying these accounts faithfully they'll extend $30,000 in credit. Making sure you're initial primary accounts limits are high is the foundation you need to start you on the fast track to being able to maximize on your credit.